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vidgames_notyou's Journal

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do you play video games, but can't stand socializing with "gamers", art fags, brain dead hillbillies, or little brats?

we are not polite, and we don't care if you are.

be nice, swear, and make sure you know your shit, before you try coming up in here and flaming.

1-ups, 16-bit, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 666, 8-bit, 999, ad&d, addiction, akihabara, alternative, androids, anti-lj, anti-mtv, anti-social, apples, arcades, atari, bananas, beer, bio hazard, black metal, blood, bound and gagged, brains, bullets, c-64, cannibalism, capcom, cartridges, cherries, classic gaming, clock tower, color dreams, comics, commodore, computers, darkstalkers, death, decap attack, deception, degeneration, different, doom, dragon quest, dreamcast, drugs, electronic, evil robots, famicom, final fantasy, flaming, free thinking, friday the 13th, fuck you, gamecube, gore, gothic, grindcore, halloween, hard line, hardcore gaming, hc, heavy metal, horror, i dont like you, illbleed, illustration, imports, industrial, intellivision, japan, konami, kris kross, lurking, maniac mansion, manuals, maps, metal, monsters, multiball, mummies, mystique, n64, nec, nes, nightmare on elm street, nintendo, nintendo kids suck, nippon, non-commercial, old stuff, otaku, pagan, pears, phantasy star, pinball, playstation, porno, pretzels, punk, razor blades, resident evil, rivets, robots, rock-n-roll, rockabilly, rpgs, sanrio, satanic, saturn, sci-fi, sega, sega master system, sfc, shooters, shotguns, side scroller, silent hill, snes, snk, splatter, splatterhouse, squaresoft, strawberries, street fighter, survival horror, sxe, taito, tecmo, texas chainsaw massacre, tg16, thrift stores, tokyo, toys, treasure, turbo grafx, underground, vampire savior, vegan, vegetarian, video games, vintage, vinyl, visual art, working designs, zapper, zombies, zombies ate my neighbors